About Jasmine

Jasmine Brinton, L.E. Jasmine Brinton, L.E.


I am beyond excited to announce my new location at 5149 Whitsett Ave. Valley Village, CA 91607

Here’s the story of my soon-to-be store: I have worked since I was a young teen at all kinds of jobs. For many years, I was not a reliable, responsible employee. I wanted to be. I wanted to be successful but I kept shooting myself in the foot because of fear. My big brother, who passed away in 2002 at only 38, was a self-made man. He was always a huge inspiration to me. He had me read, “Think and grow rich” when I was a kid and talked about the future. He was like Alex P. Keaton on that show, “Family Ties,” the character that loved money. I feel him guiding me on my own journey into entrepreneurship.

Over the years, I have held over a dozen different types of jobs in various industries, never really feeling a fit until I became an Esthetician. I even got a degree in a completely different field. Something about helping people, working with my hands and being creative clicks with me. I have my sister to thank for that because I was SO lost after Michael passed and seeing me flounder, my sister suggested to me I get my license. “License for what?” I asked. “Well, you love to clean, love skin care and love to boss people around, it’s the perfect job for you.” And she was right. (Not about the bossing people around part. Ok, maybe a little.)

Anyways, I started in this field over 17 years ago. I absolutely love everything about skin care: from learning chemistry to learning about ingredients that change and improve the skin.  After more personal growth and transition, I began to really put together a career. I had to grow and heal and I thank the amazing women in my life for loving and encouraging me. It was not easy. I worked for people who were not, shall we say, healthy. I put in the work. I do what we are taught to do: suit up and show up. I got experience.

A year and a half ago, I took a huge step and rented a room in a salon for my business. Again, I worked my ass off. It paid off and my clients, whom I consider friends and extended family, carried me to a level of “work” confidence I have never known.

One day I saw this little old, dilapidated “beauty parlor” near my house that I felt drawn to. If you exhale too fast, you’ll miss it; it’s that tiny. However, I took all my friends to look at it and told them it would be mine one day. I wrote, an old school letter, to the owner of the building and through a series of events, conversations, negotiations, etc, it is mine.

Annnnnnd, I believe in women helping women, especially in business. I have many angels of this sort helping me and one in particular who has generously helped and guided my vision and really, helped me make the logistics of this new space, happen.

Soooooo, I am taking the leap. I have faith that the net will appear. I have an incredible partner in life and we are ready to do this. I hope YOU will join me for my opening party to TBD. Thank you for listening to my story and thank you for loving and supporting my dream. Stay for the miracles!!!