Results oriented skincare

Get radiant, glowing + healthier skin. At Jasmine Skin Care + Lash Studio, Jasmine will share her expertise and knowledge of how to achieve a more beautiful face. It’s not rocket science, but there is a formula to achieve results and Jasmine can help you find it.


Warning: Lash addiction

Once you’ve have “winkers,” you may not want to live without them. You’ll be addicted to waking up + looking like you already have your makeup on. You will look ten years younger + your credit will instantly go up 100 points. Well, ok your credit score may not go up but you will be irresistible to all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….in a good way that is.


Brows on point

Brows are the new black. Ok, well maybe not, but they DO convey so much about a person. Don’t believe brows are important? Look inside.Big, full brows are back + Jasmine wants to help you achieve them.